The Short and Long Plays of Jay Rehak

All of the plays listed below are available for download. (Just click on the title) For permission to perform any of these plays, please contact or call Jay Rehak at 312-343-6273 or send me a note via snail mail at Jay Rehak, 2225 West Berwyn Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625.

All in the Demographics (five characters, minimal set)  An unmarried Presidential candidate has three minutes to choose between two potential fiances that have been carefully chosen by the candidate’s media people.  10 minutes.  Great for short play festivals centered on “politics”.  History of Productions

Bedtime,_A_Comedy_of_Sorts (six characters, minimal set) The story of a playwright who refuses to get out of bed for any reason, even when his agent steals his girlfriend. 45 minute one-act.  History of Productions

Damned Right (seven characters, minimal set) A stockbroker and his partner have discovered a way to see the future 15 minutes in advance.  All is perfect unless they take their eyes off of the computer screen.  90 minute full length play; this play has a unique aspect to the stage directions, never seen before. (the lines of the characters are projected on to a screen 30 seconds before they are spoken-audience members are invited to live the life of the main characters; that is, they can sit back and enjoy the play, or read it just before it happens.)  90 minutes History of Productions

Doctor J’s Magic Spray (three characters, minimal set)  A mysterious carnival barker sells an unsuspecting young couple a magic spray that forces them to tell the truth to each other about their feelings.  10 minutes. History of Productions

Marinated Steaks and Socks (three characters, minimal set)  A husband and wife, having difficulties communicating with one another, visit a psychiatrist with mixed results.  10 minutes.  History of Productions

Noah’s Ark, the Children’s Musical (eight characters, some staging required) The story of two ducks who miss their turn as Noah is loading the Ark alphabetically.  Returning in disguises as Xtraneous birds, the two convince Noah to let them on the ship as it begins raining.  Five wonderful songs by award winning children’s musician Susan Salidor make this one hour children’s musical a joy to stage.  60 minutes History of Productions

Once Upon an F’ing Island (two characters, minimal set)  Two people, married, but not to each other,  are stranded on a desert island.  The man cannot stand any obscene language, and the woman has difficulty F’ing believing it. 10 minutes.  History of Productions

The End of a Perfect Game (Beginning and middle)(four characters, minimal set)  A veteran hurler, one pitch from throwing a perfect game in the World Series, considers walking off the mound as he contemplates the purpose of living.  14 minutes.  (You’ll need to visit the publisher Smith and Kraus to read the ending) History of Productions

The Fortune Teller’s Price  (five characters, minimal set) Four high school seniors, anxiously awaiting their college acceptance letters,  stumble upon a fortune teller who has answers, but at a price. History of Productions

The Problem in the Attic (five characters, minimal set)  A young couple finds the perfect house with one slight flaw; a nuclear bomb wedged in the attic.  Still, the house is a great price and is otherwise wonderful.  10 minutes.  History of Productions

Unclear to Land  (two characters, minimal set) Two air traffic controllers discuss their love lives as they try and land airplanes.  1 minute.  History of Productions

Waiting for the Delivery (five characters, minimal set)  Two strange men, in the middle of a war zone, anxiously await their pizza delivery. 10 minutes.  History of Productions

The Business End of Christmas (two characters, minimal set)  Santa Claus has to do what he has to do when one of his reindeer can no longer safely perform its duties. One minute.  This very short play is perfect for Christmas shows that have a comedic edge.  1 minute. History of Productions

The Christmas Vet   (two characters, minimal set)  A ten minute comedy about a veterinarian who makes a Christmas Eve house call to a strange lady with a unique pet.  PLEASE NOTE: This play should not be confused with my screenplay of the same name. 10 minutes History of Productions

The Beauty in the Front Row (one person, minimal set) One minute comedic ghost story about a man who either talks to himself or doesn’t.  Perfect for Halloween events. 1 Minute History of Productions

A Courtesy Call (two characters, minimal set)  Two crank phone callers have the tables turned on them.  This six minute play is perfect for the opening to a short play festival, as, in the end, it is a play that encourages people to turn off their cell phones during the performance.  6 minutes History of Productions

A Lesson in Fine Dining (four characters, minimal restaurant set) While eating at a restaurant, a high powered lawyer explains raw power to a young associate by bullying the waiter and a waiter trainee.  Meanwhile, the waiter trains the waiter trainee on the more subtle aspects of power.  10 minutes   History of Productions

A Slice of Love  (Three characters, minimal set)  A husband and wife have their personal lives and golf games improved by a golf instructor therapist.   10 minutes. History of Productions

A Sweeping End to the World (two characters, minimal set) This one minute comedy tells the story of a couple trying to decide how best to spend their last hours on earth.  1 minute. History of Productions

Almost Done (two characters, office set)  Two financial swindlers discuss their next moves as they pack up to leave before their irate clients or the police break down the door. 10 minutes.  History of Productions

Don’t Touch Anything (three characters, minimal set)  An office worker has the perfect job, as long as he refrains from being creative or,  indeed, doing anything.  10 minutes.  History of Productions

Last Call (six characters, minimal set)  A cell phone continues to ring as people wait in line to be sorted out by Saint Peter.  10 minutes.  History of Productions

Surface Tension (three characters, minimal set)  Two aging hit people explain the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa.  10 minutes.  History of Productions

Til’ Death Do Us Part (four characters, hospital set) A dying husband insists on telling his wife three important things before passing on. 10 minutes.  History of Productions

The Quarter Life Crisis   (five characters, minimal set)  Coffee house workers consider their relative positions twenty-five years out of the womb.  10 minutes. History of Productions