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Many years ago, I used to teach English as a Second Language at Truman College and many of its satellite locations.  In an effort to help students learn English, I used to copy material from a variety of books.  Then it occurred to me to create my own book.  So I wrote this for my students and used it for a number of years.  I called the book Rip-Offs because the idea was for teachers to take each of the one page lessons, rip them out of my book, and copy the lesson as I had done with other material.  I almost got it published (I had a contract with Addison-Wesley), but in the end, Rip-Offs was abandoned by the publisher (lost in a corporate merger) and so I remain the sole publisher of Rip-Offs.  Although I am disappointed  this book never found the light of day, I offer it to you now, for easy download.   Here are some of the chapters of Rip-Offs, 100 easy lessons for teaching English as a Second Language. (I’ll periodically add more lessons, but email me at if you’d like more.

Lessons 1 – 2

Lesson 3

Lessons 4 -9