Blows to the Head    This novel is the tale of a man who has suffered 15 significant blows to the head in his lifetime, while dishing out an equal amount.  Organized as a prize fight, each chapter is told in Rounds, until the final decision is rendered.    Even my best friends have never read this novel, so I’d appreciate it if you gave it a shot when you have time.  Each round will be made downloadable for you in the coming days.

Round 1 – The narrator is hit with a rabbit punch and takes a standing eight count

Round 2 – The narrator is laid vertical but is not knocked out

Round 3 – In which the main character lands and feels his first punch

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Round 4 – In which a little boy’s character is impacted by a knockout

Round 5 – In which the real shot is from father to son

Round 6 – In which the narrator is thoroughly pummeled but offers a late shameful counterpunch

Round 7 – Many blows are exchanged between the man generally in my corner and me

Round 8 – A glancing blow arouses a dangerous rage, indicative of larger, hidden character flaws

Round 9

Round 10

Round 11

Round 12

Round 13

Round 14

Round 15

The verdict