A Couple of Screenplays for your consideration.

Note:  These screenplays are available for download, but require that you have Screenwriter 2000 software, as they are saved in the Screenwriter 2000 format.  Please email me at jaycrehak@gmail.com if you would like a copy.  By clicking on the titles, you will see the first ten pages of the screenplay in Word format.

The Christmas Vet  The  only NYC veterinarian who makes house calls on Christmas Eve risks missing his chance at love by choosing to help a mysterious stranger with his reindeer.  This family friendly romantic comedy is written to add to the lore of Christmas.

Every Other Day  As the result of a motorcycle accident and the interventon of the Goddess of Love, a young successful writer living the good life finds himself spending every other day in a hospital fighting for his life, and falling in love with the nurse who is trying to keep him alive.  A romantic comedy.